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"It’s incredible. This is a very carefully-crafted investigation game that uses the core of Trophy but adds on mechanics necessary to make it about solving mysteries."

 @jasonordova6 (The Gauntlet)

In Shadow Precinct, you play officers in a police unit specializing in unusual and occult crimes. The game uses the simple, but powerful Trophy Gold rules that allow your ou to get in to the game quickly, and push your characters towards their Ruin as they seek the Truth. Characters are built by mixing classic archetypes with tropes and then selecting traits, advantages, and a drive.

For example, your officer could be a trickster maverick that is a pack rat and too old for this shit. He won't leave home without his personal .45, Janice, as he tries to make sense of the visions he saw when he hit rock bottom.

Or, your officer could be a wise idealist who happens to be an expert in parkour and can evade danger in 'bullet time.' She is a legacy - coming from a long line of police officers - and is tormented by the disappearance of her younger brother.

The incursion, Trophy Head, is included.  The team is called on by their mysterious handler, Barker, to investigate a horrendous murder at St. Julian Cathedral. The incursion recasts Trophy Gold's set structure by focusing on the identification of evidence and other truths about their world.  This 'starter' incursion is more detailed (19 pages) than most incursions to provide new GMs with additional support.

Besides completing their investigations, characters learn more about their Drives as they collect 'truths' and players spend these truths between incursions to create new facts about their world.

This is not yet a stand alone game. The Trophy Gold rules are required to play. Trophy Gold can be found here.

"...the writing is really moody and evocative, and it’s a compelling conundrum: a ritualistic homicide at a cathedral dedicated to St. Julian. Overall, I thought this was very special...I found this extremely smart and compelling. Definitely track it down if you can."

@jasonordova6 (The Gauntlet)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hey there! This is an awesome adaptation of Trophy, and I can't wait to make my player lose their Truths and hopes investigation after investigation...

Currently, I'm writing a hororbureaucratic solo-ttrpg, also based on Trophy and I love how you reflavoured Hunt rolls into Investigation rolls and Gold into Truth.
Could I use those in my game ?
I don't wanna steal or be rude, or anything, so would be cool if we could talk abt it !


You can absolutely use it -- just give credit.

For what it is worth, I collaborated on a 'mystery' game that is Forged in the Dark & adjacent to Trophy (whatever that means). I think it does horror / mystery / investigation better than what I did in Shadow Precinct.  We are doing a game jam on itch right now if you want to check it out.  https://itch.io/jam/redacted-materials-jam


This was of course planned so great, thanks !

Ha yeah, I'm borrowing a bit from their ECB rpg too, small world eh !