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For use with the PARAGON system, ©2020 John Harper & Sean Nittner.  AGON-RPG.COM

>>> PUNKS <<<

You are a musician, slam poet, artist, or scoundrel trying to get by in the near future. You and your crew share a strong bond - whatever your differences, you all share one thing in common, you are Punks.

As a Punk, you subscribe to a manifesto. You strive for authenticity - to express your uniqueness, to understand the people around you and the systems that hold them back, to undermine those that spread hate or use power to oppress, most importantly, you know you need to take action to make the world in your image.


You live in the shadows of the golden palaces that are the homes and playgrounds of the wealthy. You live in the Old City. A cramped district walled off from respectable society. At one end, the neon jungle - an old and worn entertainment district - caters to tourists, slumming elites, and denizens of the Old City looking for excitement.

‘Respectable’ citizens don’t want to be troubled with those that struggle. If they only worked harder, they could have nice things. If you make a scene, stand out, or advocate for change, the Authority will beat you down. Sometimes this is physical, but the most dreaded consequence is to be switched off* - losing connection to the global network and ceasing to exist in the eyes of society.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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